FOWC – Transcript


FOWC – Transcript


This prompt word ‘transcript’ reminded me of one of the charms I have on my charm bracelet from years ago.

The T shaped charm is for Transcription. In school I took shorthand for a few years, and actually had a job later on where I would take dictation in shorthand, and then transcribe it back, in the form of business letters. The class was called Stenography (Steno), so I suppose you could say I was a stenographer. I wish I’d have kept it up, practicing, because I’ve forgotten most all of the shorthand symbols.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. I never learned shorthand but have made a living doing transcription for the last 20 years! Almost is dying out now though. Too easy for people to use their phones and other dictation apps.


    • Thanks, Janet! I’m glad I did learn shorthand and wish I’d kept practicing it. You’re right though, these days I doubt anyone uses it since it’s so easy to use devices to speak into, or record your words. 🙂

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