House # 22 – The Last One


House # 22 – The Last One


This is the house we live in now, and have for over 20 years. Looks like that first photo of the house and yard was taken in the winter or something as there are no leaves on the tree.

This house has three bedrooms, a living room/dining room all in one big area, a smallish kitchen, and two baths and a garage. We’ve put a shed in the back yard, too.

The second photo is a silhouette of a coyote and a cactus that are up on the front white wall. There is a weathered wooden bench below.

The third photo is showing part of the front of the house and is brick. There are actually four cats on the porch when I took this picture. There is our large fruitless Mulberry tree, and a weathered wooden bench under it. Thanks to our former neighbors for building the benches for us!

The fourth photo shows looking from our front yard over to the east and you can see part of the playa lake.


What to say about the memories of this house – many and of course we are still making them as we live here. We’ve had great neighbors over the years and everyone watches out for everyone else. (Kelly and DB – we miss you living next door!)

This house was built in the 70s and had only one owner before us, and we met them. Nice people, in fact the Mr. was one of my daughter’s teachers in college. So nothing strange about that … but … now for the spooky parts!

I’ve written on this blog about some of the ghostly happenings here before. If you’re interested here are the links:

The Levitating Mirror


When Toys Sneak Up On You


Knife Neighbors


There are lots more smaller incidents over the years. My house ghost loves to keep us guessing. 🙂



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2021 BS

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  1. ❤️ You know I am partial to this one! Very special neighborhood and neighbors. In fact, can’t get rid of them, no matter how far they move! Hahaha Miss you guys too!

  2. You have a nice house. And good neighbors are so important. I am curious about the previous owner- did he move or did he die in the house? Just trying to figure out the ghostly happenings. I love that stuff- as long as they are friendly. XO

    • Thanks, Ellen! It is and has been a great neighborhood with awesome neighbors.
      As far as I know nothing bad ever happened in this house before we moved in. We met the owners, and they were just moving a little farther down the road from here. Probably has nothing to do with the house, as I’ve had these experiences all my life wherever I’ve been. Even my grandma’s house had strange things happen like these. I’m glad it’s all pretty friendly, too, just small things we take notice of. 🙂

  3. It looks like a comfortable family home. I must read through the ghost stories again. It’s quite a feat to remember and write about all the homes you’ve lived in.

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