House # 20


House # 20


Our years at Ft. Hood/Killeen TX were done, as the Mr. retired from the Army. We were moving back to our home town of Lubbock. We looked at houses there, but couldn’t find any we liked, or that would rent to people with pets. At the time we had 4 dogs and a rabbit.

So we went to another smaller town about 30 miles down the road – Levelland TX and found this one. It was pretty nice, a brick, 3 bedroom, kitchen, and living room one. There was a really big shed in the big back yard, too.

This first photo is of the back yard and a part of the shed. There was a covered patio, too, and you can see a couple of our dogs out there. The rabbit was kept out in the shed in his cage, and we’d get big hay bales to scatter around on the floor for the dogs to burrow down into if they wanted.

The second photo is one I got from a google search of the address of the front of the house. We were there for at least a year.

There was one thing that stands out while we were there. Right behind us was a tall pole with the emergency alert system/siren on it. They would run a test at least once a month, with announcements, and blowing the siren for several minutes. Oh my word it was loud! The dogs would be scared and howl.

We’d moved in here on Halloween of that year. haha! Actually, it felt so strange that after living so long on the mostly enclosed community of base housing at Ft. Hood, we were a bit anxious to be out in the ‘wild’ open kind of town. We did finally find our way around the small town.

And then we had to find another house in the town, because the owner of this one we were renting had sold it. So we were out. It didn’t take long though, to find another house.

That will be next time.



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    • Thanks, Larry! We liked living there. It was interesting and had lots of things to do on and off base. Nice to remember your cousin being there,though that was a few years before we were. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Ellen! It was pretty good. The town was fairly small, but had a most of what we needed there. I liked the library a lot. There was two grocery stores and a Wal-mart, and a few restaurants. If we needed more, we had to drive 30 miles to the next big town. 🙂


    • Thanks, Cindy! Looking back at it all, we did have some adventures by living so many different places. Glad you’ve been enjoying reading about these.
      Hope all is going good with you, also. 🙂


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