Prize Winner? – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Color


Prize Winner? – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Color


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “color/colour.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or pick a color and write about it–use it any way you like. Have fun!


I love to color in coloring books, and I always have. I remember when I was a kid, hoping the dime store/variety store we shopped at would have a prize for being the 100th customer of the day. I of course would be the winner when I came through the door. haha … anyway the prize would be I could have any whole aisle of the store for free! I always chose the coloring books and crayons. I wanted them all.

I ‘helped’ when my girls were coloring, because I wanted to color, too. Now there are loads of coloring books for grown ups to enjoy, and yes, I have whole drawers full of them.

It’s fun to find out there are many blog challenges about colors, and I do some of these, too. Linda’s Escapist Coloring Club is one, and Jennifer’s Color Your World is another. Some others have dedicated days or weeks for photos of one color or another.

I like to use all color markers, pencils, crayons, and pens for coloring the pages. There are so many ways colors affect our lives. From the things we see every day, to beautiful scenery here on earth and up in the sky.

Hope your weekend is full of fun and color! ❤


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks, Ellen! I like all the new coloring books, too. Still I like to color in little kids coloring books, too. Sometimes I need a break from all the tiny designs, and want a picture of something larger. 🙂


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