House # 18


House # 18


The next house we moved to was in Beeville Texas, which is still in the southern part of the state. It wasn’t all that far from the last house, in Sinton, but still in a different city near the coast. The Mr. still worked at the Army Reserve Center in Sinton, just he had to travel a bit farther from this next house to get there.

I don’t have a good picture that I took myself of the house, just this one where I googled the address. It was I guess what you’d call an apartment? There were blocks of houses – 4 each, scattered around. This also shows the parking lot. Ours was in this brick building, but on the far side on the ground floor. There was a little side road beside us, too.

It had two bedrooms, a living room/dining room, a kitchen, a bath, and a laundry room. I think they were fairly new buildings, and pretty nice. We didn’t have carpets and it wasn’t furnished. We did have the pieces of furniture we already had, and we finally got rid of that huge sofa, and bought new living room couch, chair, coffee table, and end tables. Actually we still have the tables we use even now.

This housing area belonged to the government, as  in the Chase Naval Air Station. The actual base was 4 miles up the road, where all the planes, offices, hospital, commisary, library, and all were. There were more housing there, too.

Beeville is a small -ish town, not bad at all. I loved going to the library there. Well, every single place we lived, one of the first places I’d find was the library. Of course! haha 🙂

One thing everyone did here was take empty jugs, travel up to the base, and fill them with water. There was a spigot that everyone used. It’s because the local tap water was way too salty. I guess the water on the base came from a different place, because it was nice tasting water. As far as I know back then there were not those special water filling places like you see everywhere these days.

Let’s see what else … In the evenings I could look out the back door and see bats emerging from the attic vents in the houses across the way. We were here when there was a total, or mostly total eclipse of the sun happened. Very eerie when going from bright sunlight, to darkness in the middle of the morning! It was like a hush came over the land, so quiet … the birds settled down to sleep, and the street lights came on. Then of course the sun came back out and all went on as normal.



Next time: The girls and I move back home to my parents house for a year, because the Mr.’s next duty assignment was to South Korea.

I don’t know that that counts. It was another move, but to the same house I grew up in.

After that year, we moved on down to Killeen TX, and Fort Hood Army base housing.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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