Flower of the Day – Future Flowers


Flower of the Day – Future Flowers


Several kinds of flower seed packets – when planted will be future flowers.

I used to have these seeds, but I lost them. I’ve looked everywhere and never did find them.



For Cee’s Flower of the Day:



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    • Thanks, Jez! I finally gave up looking for them, and so far I haven’t bought any more. Still wish I could try growing things, even if I don’t have a green thumb. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sandee! I get the urge to plant things in the spring and summer, even though I don’t have much luck at it. I never did find these packets. Maybe I’ll get more someday. 🙂
      Happy Monday and new week! ❤

  1. I have so many of those instances too. They turn up at the most random times. Then I squirrel it away somewhere making a mental note to look there next time.
    I commiserate…every spring and summer I can’t wait to plant although most of them don’t make it past a month. This year is different though: I’m trying to keep my interest up and making sure to water and fertilize them.

    • Thanks, Esther! I know! I plan on remembering where I put things, but then they aren’t there when I go to find them again. haha!
      I’m not good at growing things really, but I try. I hope yours do well this year! 🙂

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