Flower of the Day – Red Tulips


Flower of the Day – Red Tulips


These are some red tulips (and one yellow one) I grew in the front flower bed many years ago. Our cat at the time, Paolo, was enjoying them as he walked along the sidewalk.


For Cee’s Flower of the Day:



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    • Thanks so much, Sandee! Paolo was such a sweet cat.
      These tulips were so pretty, but they didn’t last long as we had a wind storm and it knocked them all down.
      Hope your day is turning out great! ❤

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      • Tulips don’t last long, depending on the outdoor temperature. They do continue indefinitely as bulbs to come up in future years. I have some that go back to before I got married (1972. ) They were in a florist pot, and a friend took them and planted them in her garden, as I was getting ready to move. She brought them over years later,


      • Something must have gone wrong with mine, as they never came up again. I did have some daffodils that came back for a few years. That’s wonderful you have some really long lasting tulips! 🙂


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