Fibbing Friday – Weddings


Fibbing Friday – Weddings

This weekly challenge presents some questions that we are to give wrong answer to. It’s all in fun.

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1. What is the significance of ‘jumping the broomstick’?  … I’m pretty sure this means to get busy and sweep the floor.

2. What is a bottom drawer/Hope chest? … This is a little box (or drawer) to put little post-it notes to yourself in there of your wishes for the future.

3. Why is it considered unlucky to wear green at a wedding? … Well, it’s just kind of rude to wear green because you are happy, but everyone else will be made ‘green with envy’ at you.

4. Why is the chief bridesmaid referred to as a Matron of Honour? … Because she is the one who gets to boss everyone around during the ceremony.

5. What is the duty of the Best Man? … He’s like a director of the video that is being filmed of the wedding. He best knows how to do it.

6. What is a Groom’s Cake? … It’s the prize cake won after the men in the wedding party play musical chairs.

7. How many tiers does a traditional wedding cake have? … 50 – because everyone hopes the marriage lasts at least 50 years.

8 Why are black cats considered a lucky token at weddings? … Black cats are sweet and cute all the time (sorry, this is a true statement)

9 Why does the bride traditionally wear a veil over her face going up the aisle?  … Because here make-up is probably smeared from crying happy tears.

10. Why do they call the ‘holiday’ after a wedding a honeymoon? …  Because in the old days people would give the wedding couple jars of honey, enough to last through a month’s moon phases.


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