One Word Sunday – Missing


One Word Sunday – Missing


This little incident happened back in 2016. The missing mitten never was found. 😦

I drew this little picture showing the sad lost mitten.



Yes, she lost a little pink mitten. It was one half of her favorite pair…and it was pink!

My grand-daughter, who is 2, loves her mittens, but she has a thing about taking them off. One day, as she sat in her car seat, we were talking to her, while we stood by the open door. We were in the drive-way at home, and she was showing off her mittens to us. Then, later, after we got to the store we were going to, it was missing. We asked her where it was, and she said she dropped it on the ground. But, she wasn’t out of the car to drop it on the ground at all, unless it was dropped while we were talking to her earlier.

So, after getting back home we looked all over in the car, and it wasn’t there. It was not in the driveway. It wasn’t anywhere. The little pink mitten is still missing to this day.

Very strange…Maybe someday it will somehow reappear from wherever  it has been all this time. Do you think so?


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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