House # 1 pt. 2


House # 1 pt. 2


Photo of part of the living room looking through to the kitchen. We always had these knotty pine walls.

part of the shed and also shows cellar door at the lower edge


Let’s see what else I remember about my childhood home.

Besides my dad building the whole house a little at a time, he later on built a large shed out in the back yard. I remember this as I was already grown and my girls were small at the time.

Half of the shed was for his many tools, and the other room was for whatever my mom wanted to put in there. She had shelves for books, poles to hang clothes on, and lots of room for her oil paintings. There were all kinds of interesting things on the shelves besides books such as knick-knacks, yard sale finds, and games. We all loved to go prowl around in there. Both sides his and hers had skylights so we could see without light fixtures, though there was electricity installed in there.

My dad also made us a cellar, though I don’t know if he did it himself or hired workers for part of it. We sure went to the cellar many times over the years. In tornado weather we’d open up the cellar door letting out the musty smelling air, descend the cement stairs, brush away spider webs, and sit down there fanning ourselves with those advertising hand fans on a stick. Once I remember I had a slumber party with  my girlfriends, and we’d go in the cellar to tell spooky stories.

Another couple of things he made for the back yard was a brick drinking water fountain, and a large outdoor fireplace.

The garden area was always full of flowers and vegetables, too.

I don’t think the house was really haunted (like my grandma’s house around the block) but a few strange things would happen from time to time.

We had a huge old fashioned upright piano in the living room, and sometimes that piano would start playing random notes with no one sitting there … especially in the middle of the night.

We could also sometimes hear large pieces of tin ? falling around in the garage, and also eerie voices calling out our names.

One night I was asleep in the middle bedroom and heard a strange noise out in the back yard. I looked out the window to see the whole yard lit up with a glowing red light. The hinged shed window was open and our dog was growling. For some reason I just went back to bed, and all was good in the morning.

Another time my mom got a little freaked out by what she thought was a portal to another dimension in the back yard. She said it was a pillar of wavy light coming down from the sky into the back yard in the middle of the morning. It was only in that one spot. She had been about to take out the trash, but said she was afraid to get near the strange light.


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    • Thanks, Ellen! I don’t know what the wavy light was. I did look up about wavy light pillars, which is a weather phenomena, but they pretty much happen in extreme cold so there are ice crystals in the air, and mostly at night.
      When she saw the light in the back yard, it was just right there, on a warm daytime.
      I always liked the way knotty pine looked on our walls, too. 🙂

    • Thanks, Di! I don’t know if people still use real knotty pine boards these days, but I sure liked them back then. Why anyone would paint over them is just awful! 🙂

      • We viewed the property on line when it was up for sale and they have stripped the cottage of all its charm. Built in 1847, modern colours and fitting just don’t work IMO and what they did to the bathroom is sacrilege. it’s black and white with a free standing bath in the middle of the room and a black floor. Still, it was home to them for 6 years, then did a lot to it, and made an very handsome profit. Still have the planes fly over though……………………………..

      • I suppose new owners can do whatever they want to their place, but it would have been much better if they had just done small updates, and left the history of the place shine through.

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