random stuff


random stuff


thought I might write a poem with some magnetic poetry tiles, but then found out I’m not really in a poem-ing kind of mood.

it’s father’s day, but both mine and my husband’s dads are not with us any more. both my daughters did give their dad gifts, phone calls, and texts today and on friday, too.

the kids in the house behind ours are having fun jumping on their trampoline. to keep cool they have the sprinkler spraying on them as they jump.

i usually do a song on sunday for song lyric sunday, but i couldn’t find one i liked, so i skipped it today.

the other day my grand-daughter and i were doing the phone face-time, which we do a lot of times. i was having my coffee and eating a cookie and taking small bites in-between talking. we talked for about an hour and right at the end of the call i finished my one cookie. She was laughing so much about my ‘never-ending cookie’ which lasted the whole phone call.

my daughter, grand-daughter, and i went to visit my aunt the other day. it was nice to be out of the house again and seeing family after so long.

i still do the coloring books sometimes, but not so much recently. i should do more, as i do like it.

i’m still thinking about writing about all the different houses i’ve lived in. i tried to find some photos, but only came up with a couple, so i kinda got out of the mood. for now, but still want to.

my computer or rather WP has been acting strange the past few days. i guess it’s still doing it? i’ve been told by several different readers that when they click on my name it takes them to my admin page and not my blog page. i don’t know why, or how to fix it. i did chat with the WP helpers and they checked but couldn’t find anything wrong. … except there is!

i haven’t been capitalizing anything, just because i didn’t want to.

so … hope y’all have been having a fun weekend!


thanks for visiting! peace ☮️

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    • Thanks so much, Oneta! haha – yes, that’s about as rebellious as I get! Glad you liked reading this, and hope you’ve been having a good weekend. 🙂 ❤

  1. We love love love FaceTime with the grandkids too! Tell the mister happy Father’s Day and enjoy your Sunday. Love and miss y’all!

    • Thanks so much, Kelly! It’s a modern marvel to have phones we can see and talk to each other on these days! So much fun! Speaking of fun – you and your grand-kids have sure had some good times lately!
      Thanks for the Father’s Day wish – I told him and he smiled and laughed. Wishing D a Happy Father’s Day also! 🙂 ❤

      • We have had a blast making up for lost time. We just returned home after taking them back to “reality”. Hope their parents can keep up the fun! All kids deserve a little extra fun after missing last summer and being tied to a computer during the school year.

      • You have some really sweet grand kids! So glad y’all can get together and have fun and make memories!
        haha Back to reality! ❤

    • Thanks, Bill!
      I know!!! I don’t want my admin page to open up randomly like that either. I don’t know why it happened, or how to fix it. I’ve had a chat with the WP helpers, who checked everything out and could find nothing wrong. Several readers have mentioned it, though. 🙂

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