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  1. Hi Barb . . . I’ve been away for a short period of time. These puffs in younger days I’d blow on and make wishes. The past month I resumed a daily walking regimen, stop and take floral pics on my journey. Thinkin’ here I either was sidetracked by beautiful colorful flowers or yet to bypass the dandelions gone to seed.

    • Thanks, June! Glad you like the dandelion puff. We have these and the yellow flowers both. I’ve thought about getting some of the seeds (?) and planting them in a little pot for the window sill but haven’t yet. Maybe I can grow weed flowers, because I’m no good at regular ones. haha! I’d never heard of blowing on them for wishes until recently, though. 🙂

      • You’re welcome. Thanks for the chuckle with regard to growth of weeds. 🙂 I used to grow both. 🙂 I found the only way to keep weeds out was to create a mass border of flowers which can be quite expensive.

    • Thanks, Emily! this was a fairly large one. Well, we had a lot, but the Mr. mowed them all down this morning. But I’m sure they will make more soon. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sandee! They are such fun to blow into the wind. Then they make more flowers and puffs! yay – I like them.
      Hope you’ve had a good day, and it hasn’t been too hot there. ❤

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