Fibbing Friday TV ads


Fibbing Friday TV ads

This weekly challenge presents some questions that we are to give wrong answer to. It’s all in fun.

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TV/Advertising slogans this week. You all probably know the real answers, but what could they have advertised or referred to……………………… ?


1. You either love it or hate it. … Hair dye – you never know when you finish coloring your hair if you’ll love it or hate it.

2. They said you want to ‘Splash it all over’ … Milk – you’ve heard of having a milk bath, haven’t you. It does a body good.Click to view


3. Why have cotton when you can have silk? … Underwear made of silk is much more comfortable than if they are made of cotton.

4. ‘Because you’re worth it ‘ … You should splurge and buy a luxury automobile, instead of a sedate sedan.

5. ‘It does exactly what it says on the tin……..’  …  Caution! It says do not eat food from the tin – it will poison you!

6. What ‘Gives you wings’? … If you are a baby bird, you mama & papa bird gave you wings.

7. Where will you find an ‘awful lot of coffee’? … On the Island of Java

8. What is ‘Any time, any place, anywhere……… ?’ … This is the motto of the Post Office

9. What is soft, strong, and very ,very long? … An anteater’s tongue. Click to view

10. Name the product where ‘A little dab’ll do ya’ … Whipped cream in a can – but most people want more than a little dab of it.


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