An Older Post – Freedom


An Older Post – Freedom


From 2016


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Turned loose in a large green field, the game players ran around willy-nilly. All the rules and regimentation were forgotten in this first taste of freedom. They shouted, and laughed, and kicked all the balls as hard as they wanted to.

There were no grown-ups telling them how to behave. Their uniforms became grass-stained, their shoes muddy, but they didn’t care. This was living!

After awhile they became tired and thirsty. This was a new feeling…uncomfortable. Looking around for an answer to their unanticipated quandary, they became worried. How would they get back home? Where was their home?


Back at the activities center, John and Joe looked at the game table.

“What happened to all the little foosball men?” John asked.


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