Tornado Weather


photo from TV weather alert about tornado funnels

Tornado Weather


We had a wild little while yesterday evening! We were under a tornado watch that turned into a tornado warning for our city. It was scary, but exciting at the same time.

There were tornado funnels dropping from scary looking clouds all around the area, even within the city limits. The news reporters and storm chasers were broadcasting continually, saying to take shelter.

There was just a little bit of rain, and a few hailstones falling, but not that much. Instead of taking shelter everyone around here was out looking at the storm clouds. My daughter sent pictures, and I took pictures, and even my little 7 year old grand daughter texted me with a picture from the TV of the weather news alert. (photo above showing storm clouds)

My cousin even got a video of the funnel as it formed. Thankfully no funnels ever touched down to the ground.

After a little while everything moved on and we were in the clear again. We are in for another round tonight though. EEK

Here’s a couple of photos of the funnel taken from his FB posting of it from his video, plus a couple that I took of the clouds over our neighborhood.


And a photo from my daughter’s house, too.


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  1. OH! Not funny. Rainy, stormy every day this week. No place to hide.
    I used to live where we had cellars/basements. I don’t even have an inside room now. Open concept plans are just that. Open to every window. 😦


    • Thanks, Esther! Nope, not funny when severe weather gets so close. We only have a bathroom to hide in – no basement or cellar. I did get my flashlight out and the battery radio just in case. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Holly! I’m glad the funnels didn’t touch down anywhere. I’ve been in tornadoes before and they can be devastating. We definitely keep an eye on the weather and news updates. 🙂


      • Tornadoes aren’t all that common around here, but every once in a while we get warnings. Pop up thunderstorms are more likely. Always got an eye to the sky…
        Stay safe!


      • It’s good to be aware when stormy weather gets close. Glad you don’t get many tornadoes up there. This time of year is when we get the most notices.


    • Thanks, Ellen! Me too. Sometimes the news people make it sound worse than what it actually is out there, but what with radar and all now it’s lots better than it used to be when it comes to warnings. 🙂


    • Thanks, Teagan! Tornadoes are sure scary, and they can develop and drop down at a moment’s notice sometimes. Glad you don’t get many over in NM. We keep aware when there are storms. This morning we’re having more thunderstorms, but not severe. 🙂


  2. I always laugh at the announcement they make when there’s a tornado warning to “take cover immediately!” They may as well say “Run to your front door now to see the cool looking weather!”


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