Smiles For a Month – May


Smiles For a Month – May


Here’s a fun little photo challenge for the month of May. I just heard about it from a friend blogger  Janet . I think I’ll try to do these!

Here’s the link to the host of the challenge, Debs Stott:



# 1 Fresh

These purple and pink flowers were being refreshed by a fine mist.


# 2 Sharp

Four of our sharp knives from the kitchen (silver with black handles)


# 3 Brand

My Ghost tattoo could be my ‘brand’. It’s right above my ankle and the letters are in sky blue ink

I thought of my tattoos. Some call it getting inked. My first one is of course in the same color ink that I always loved. I wrote the letters myself, and the artist transferred it to my skin. I love getting tattoos, and have three, so far. The others are a peace sign, and the names of my grand children with 2 stars.



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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