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  1. When I get up in the morning, my hair looks like that. But silver and fluffy.
    I like fluffy as opposed to tangled and tossed. Or messy and mousey 😦

      • I haven’t had my hair cut for over a year. Refuse to go with the pandemic.
        My husband as gone twice. Of course it only takes 5 minutes to trim his one little hair. 😉
        I need 40 or more minutes. And I know they are going to say, “Extra charge for long hair.” 😦

      • My husband goes every month or so with no problems. For me, I haven’t cut my hair or been to a salon in many years. I just let it grow, and trim the bangs myself. I stopped putting dye on it, too. Oh you are so right about them charging more for long hair, and their idea of long hair is different from what I’d call it, too. haha! 🙂

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