The Old Changing Way – Song Lyric Sunday – Fix


The Old Changing Way – Song Lyric Sunday – Fix

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For SLS today we have songs that feature a song that has ‘fix or make’ in the title or lyrics. Thanks, Jim!

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I was completely drawing a blank on this prompt of Fix or Make. I know how they are different – fix means to repair something that is broken, while make is to create something new.

So, I was browsing for some kind of a song to use and came across this one. I’d never heard it before, but it’s pretty good, and has the word fix in there, too. I really like the music, the singer’s accent, and the story he is telling in his song. The more times I listen to it the better I like it.

But then I couldn’t find any mention of this song anywhere, as to when it was recorded, or what label, or who wrote it … nothing!

All I could find was a sort of biography deal on the Wiki for Richard Thomson. That’s all I have except the song and the lyrics.


From the Wiki article:

The discography of Richard Thompson, an English singer/songwriter and guitarist, consists of 18 solo studio albums, three live albums and 16 singles, in addition to six studio albums and two live albums credited to Richard and Linda Thompson and five studio albums as a member of Fairport Convention, as well as a number of fan club and boutique label releases, soundtracks and collaborations. He has also appeared as a guest musician on the albums of several other artists.



I’m Darby the tinker and my brother is Tam
We go where the work is, my boys, and we work where we can
With the mending and fixing, it’s together we stay
Intending our fortunes to try on the old changing way
We come to your cities and we call on your wives
We’ll fix up your kettles, please dear missus, we’ll sharpen your knives
And we always agreed that together we’d stay
Intending our fortunes to try on the old changing way
At times they grew scanty and the money grew thin
We worked for a song but the money it didn’t come in
Now brothers are kindred but hard times betray
And so we stumbled apart on the old changing way
We never agreed to divide our tin
And when you’re out of love with your brother, your hard times begin
For the spikes and the brothels, they’re shameful to see
But don’t you travel alone, boys, this warning you take from me
You must share with your nearest till the end of your days
Or else it’s forever you’re on the old changing way

~ lyrics found on Genius Lyrics


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    • Thanks, Jim! Glad you like this song. I’d never heard of Fairport Convention, or Richard Thompson, but seems like he sure has a lot of credits to his name over the years. 🙂


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