A to Z Blog Challenge 2021 – Letter V – Van


A to Z Blog Challenge 2021 – Letter V – Van




It’s that time again for the April A to Z Blog Challenge. I’ve done this one for quite a few years, and it’s always fun.

This time I decided to go with the miscellaneous type posts, which some days will be whatever I want, and other days will be a resurrection of my older posts that pretty much no one or very few ever saw.

So, here we go with Letter V …

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter V



Quite a few years ago, we owned a big, burnt-orange van. What I remember most about it was that when it rained, you almost needed an umbrella on the inside! The front window leaked. We’d had it replaced, but evidently the seal was not good.  We also had to hook it up to a battery charger every night, so it would start the next morning.

It was a fun vehicle, that van. It was a big conversion van, with captain seats, two other chairs, and a bench seat in back. I think you could unfold the bench into a bed. Then in the way back area was a storage type closet. It also had tinted windows on the side.

I drove that van all over town, hauling kids to and from school and activities. When we’d travel, the dogs loved riding in it, too.

Sometimes, the kids would have camp-outs/sleep-overs out there in the van…right out there in the driveway. They’d gather up snacks, have their friends over, pile in the blankets and pillows, and have a fun night.

Once, I had to pick up an order of pizzas for my daughter’s class at school. There were lots of pizza boxes stacked up high in the van.

We eventually traded the van in for a regular sized car. We’d had enough of being dripped on every time it rained. I kind of miss that old van.


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