Fibbing Friday – Two Times


Fibbing Friday – Two Times

This weekly challenge presents some questions that we are to give wrong answer to. It’s all in fun.

To join in this weekly challenge, and see other entries, just click the link below:


1. What is the significance of today in 1564 and 1616? … The first renaissance faire was held on this day in 1564, but didn’t catch on really until 1616. They were the precursors to today’s cos plays.

2. Who said “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’ … All the high school drama teachers when they were directing students for a stage play.

3. Who was widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and one of the world’s greatest dramatists ? … Noah Webster, because he wrote the first book – a dictionary of words, and wasn’t hesitant to promote his book by all media of the day.

4. What was The Globe? … Oh, this was a huge discount store in our town. It was here before Wal-mart came along, but now is out of business.

5. ‘Much ado about nothing’ was about what? … It means to make a mountain out of a molehill – in other words, insignificant rantings.

6. Who were Titania and Oberon? … These are very old, antique brands of wrist watches.

7. Who were known as The Weird Sisters or Wayward Sisters? … I heard they were sisters who went hunting for tornadoes in the heartland. Click to view

8. What is Bardolatry? … This is a process used in old fashioned kitchens, where the cook would use rendered lard to fry things in. It’s frowned upon these days as it’s bad for your health.

9. Who said ‘Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none ‘. … I don’t remember who ‘coined’ the phrase, but it is what’s printed on all of our coins.

10. Who was known as The Swan of Avon? … The collector’s bottle of perfume shaped like a swan with a crown on it’s head. It was sold by Avon Products.


These are the Q & A from last week which I forgot to post:


  1. What exactly is a “Five and Dime”? … A sneaky way to invite someone out to eat and to a dance… like ‘let’s jive and dine’.
  2. What gets sold at a ”General Store”? … You can get all your military badges, pins, ribbons, medals and clothing at the General Store.
  3. Why are they called “Department Stores”? … Because they are different than A-partments. You don’t live in a De-partment store.
  4. What’s so convenient about a “Convenience Store”? … Nothing – it’s a scam with the hint of it in the very word – Con (anti) venient.
  5. What is a “Blue Light Special”? … This is a neon light advertising beer
  6. Why do some people call all soda, “Coke”?  … Because I’m from TX and we do it to make extra conversation, because then we have to say what kind of Coke we really want.
  7. What franchise is nicknamed “The Home of the Whopper”? … The museum of famous fibs and lies collection … in other words – Fibbing Friday
  8. Which franchise claims to be “Finger-lickin’ Good”?  … That would be the company that makes ‘lady finger’ cookies.
  9. What does “IHOP” stand for? … Invading Humanoids of Pluto
  10. What does “Scattered, Smothered, and Covered” mean? … It’s a funny way of saying you have a messy bed, so get busy straightening it up.



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