A to Z Blog Challenge 2021 – Letter L – Laughs


A to Z Blog Challenge 2021 – Letter L – Laughs




It’s that time again for the April A to Z Blog Challenge. I’ve done this one for quite a few years, and it’s always fun.

This time I decided to go with the miscellaneous type posts, which some days will be whatever I want, and other days will be a resurrection of my older posts that pretty much no one or very few ever saw.

So, here we go with Letter L …

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter L



Here are some more funny definitions to laugh about:


Daffy Definition = labellum– A sticky label; a spin-off of the Post-It Note; an office supply.

Sentence = In her office job, Toni had to make sure the address labellums were on all outgoing correspondence.

Real Definition = The median member of the corolla of an orchid; A terminal part of the labium or labrum of various insects.


Daffy Definition = lathyrism – The part of the inner ear, responsible for being able to sing in tune.

Sentence = Jeannie, the opera singer, sought medical help when her lathyrism quit working.

Real Definition = A type of pea; a diseased condition of man, domestic animals, and esp. horses that results from poisoning by a substance found in some legumes, and is characterized esp. by spastic paralysis of the hind or lower limbs.


Daffy Definition = levant – A person, usually a magician, that can levitate themselves.

Sentence = As an accomplished levant, Carl mesmerized the audience at his magic show.

Real Definition = To run away from a debt.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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