A to Z Blog Challenge 2021 – Letter H – Huh?


A to Z Blog Challenge 2021 – Letter H – Huh?




It’s that time again for the April A to Z Blog Challenge. I’ve done this one for quite a few years, and it’s always fun.

This time I decided to go with the miscellaneous type posts, which some days will be whatever I want, and other days will be a resurrection of my older posts that pretty much no one or very few ever saw.

So, here we go with Letter H …

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter H


Here’s one from 2015 using real words I found in the dictionary. I’ve put some silly/funny definitions for them, then used the word in a sentence, and then lastly gave the real definition of the word. 🙂


Daffy Definition = hoopoe – A snack chip made of corn, being round in shape with a hole in the center.

Sentence = For a fun and flavorful snack, buy Hoopoe…corny fun for everyone!

Real Definition = Any of several Old World nonpasserine birds (family Upupidae) having a slender decurved bill.


Daffy Definition = hirudin – To show the utmost in disrespect to another person; the act of being rude.

Sentence = Nancy was fired from her make-up consulting job, for being hirudin to her customers.

Real Definition = An anticoagulant extracted from the buccal glands of a leech.


Daffy Definition =helicoi  – A spiral shaped metal part used in building helicopter rotary motors.

Sentence = John’s only job on the assembly line, was to install the helicoid into every helicopter motor.

Real Definition = Forming or arranged in a spiral; having the form of a flat coil or flattened spiral, such as a snail’s shell.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2021 BS

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