Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Who/Whom


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Who/Whom


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “start with who/whom” Begin your post with either “who” or “whom” and go from there. Have fun!



who?                                                      who?

who?                     🦉                            who?

who?                                                      who?


Who do I think I am, trying to make a little square out of the words ‘who?’

Just messing around, and it was harder to do than I thought it would be.

So far in the preview it looks okay, and the owl is in the middle like I wanted. Yay!

Anyway, tomorrow lots of people will be celebrating the Easter holiday. It has great significance in a religious way.

Others like to add some fun to the day, by coloring and hiding eggs for the kids to find, arranging baskets of candy treats, and maybe getting brand new springtime clothes to wear. There may also be a wonderful meal to have with family and others.

The little owl in the center isn’t usually one we think of for spring, as mostly we see baby chicks, ducklings, and bunnies. But none of those say ‘who?’

Enjoy your weekend! 🐇 🐤 🦆


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2021 BS

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