Fibbing Friday – Silly Stuff


Fibbing Friday – Silly Stuff

This weekly challenge presents some questions that we are to give wrong answer to. It’s all in fun.

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Di says:

I’m trying something a little different this week as all of my questions are a breed of dog.
The challenge is, if you did not know they were canines, how would you define or describe each of them?


1. What is a huskador?  … One of those Mexican wrestling guys who wear masks and silly costumes

2. What is a cavapoo? … Yuck – this is bat guano in a cave – watch where you’re stepping!

3. What is a chorkie? … This is a cork stopper on a wine bottle

4. What is a lollie? … This is what is called relaxing on the beach getting a suntan.

5. What is a dorkie? .. This is what you holler while playing a game while traveling in a car … when you see a ugly car

6. What is a springador? … This is how the Spring season happens every year – like a revolving door between good weather and then back to snow

7. What is a scottie? … This is that guy on Star Trek – I forget what character he played, but his name was Scottie

8. What is a puggle? … This is a magical creature that was highly esteemed by the ‘muggles’ in the Harry Potter books.

9. What is a pekalier … This is an old fashioned electric coffee maker.

10. What is a schnappy? … Ewww – these are stinky baby diapers


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  1. Scottie- the engineer. My hubby and I met him in person, James Doohan, the original, not the one from the reboot. XO

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