Flower of the Day – Pineapple Plant


Flower of the Day – Pineapple Plant


Here’s  an actual growing pineapple plant I saw at a nursery. Lots of tall green leaves and a tiny pineapple in the middle.  Pretty cool! 🙂



For Cee’s Flower of the Day:

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      • Donny has grown a couple. Plants the “cap” of a store bought pineapple. It’s fun to watch! We have to bring it in during winter but otherwise easy to grow. You should try it!


      • How cool! I really should give it a try. Hope y’all are doing good, and that Amber & family are okay in all the snow up there where they are. ❤


      • We are good, Amber and group are home bundled up, watching all the snow…she said it is crazy! Definitely the most they’ve seen since they moved there (7-8 years). Hasn’t let up yet.


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