Countdown to Christmas – Day # 24 – Presents


Countdown to Christmas – Day # 24 – Presents

Tourmaline .’s Countdown to Christmas – Presents


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Several nicely wrapped presents waiting to be opened while a few stuffed critters keep watch on the window sill.


This photo is of our Christmas tree from many years ago. It’s pretty, isn’t it? Now, look close. See that red ribbon going horizontal in front of the tree? That is the top of a fence…a fence made of chicken wire. Yep, we had to fence in our tree that year. We had some dogs…they liked to get into all the presents under the tree. They chewed up a lot of them. That’s why I made a fence to keep them out. We had the chicken wire on hand, because we used it for around our vegetable garden the past summer, so that was good.

The chicken wire fence wasn’t all bad. I hung some ornaments from it, and it made for some fun conversations. I know we will always remember this Christmas. 🙂


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  1. Chicken wire is a great idea. I am afraid to put the gifts under the tree too early for fear of a kitty squirting on them like they did on the tree skirt last year. Merry Christmas! XO

    • Thanks so much, Ellen! It worked fine to keep the dogs out. We didn’t have cats at that time, so don’t know how well it would do for the kitties. Still might slow them down from getting too near the tree and presents 🙂 Hope your Christmas is going good. 🙂

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