Magnets are Creepy – Stream of Consciousness Saturday


Magnets are Creepy – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 19/2020


Today’s SOCS is asking for something about magnets. Thanks, Linda!

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Some of my refrigerator magnets.



I really like those refrigerator magnets, and I seem to have a thing about collecting them. I will usually get one from anywhere we travel, and also if I see any at yard sales I’ll get those, too. They are fun.

However, I think magnets are petty creepy. If you think about it … which I try not to … it’s properties of making things stick to it, attract metal stuff, or even repel other things according to … well, I don’t know what makes them do that thing they do.

Even as a kid I was afraid of them. I’d get this shuddery feeling when I messed with any kind of magnet. I still do. I can’t hold one for any length of time without throwing it down and shaking my hand to get rid of the creepy feeling. What if the thing got stuck to your hand or fingers … what if it made you yourself magnetized? Horror!

Okay, enough magnet talk!

Hope you have fun with your magnets, though.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. I wonder if there’s a biochemical reason your body doesn’t like magnets. Not that I understand such things, but it’s good that you trust your instincts and stick with 🙂 or rather collect, the little ones. I like refrigerator magnets. Can’t imagine a frig without them.

    • Thanks, JoAnna! I have no idea about that, but it’s interesting to think about. Probably just my silly feeling about them. I love the little ones we put on the refrigerator. They stay put, and don’t attract or repel other things. 🙂

    • Thanks, Laura! I love the little ones on the refrigerator, I guess because they just stay there looking cute. I wonder if a person could become a bit magnetized, though. Now that would be creepy! 🙂

  2. Just remember, the earth is a big magnet!

    I took college level physics classes, and I still don’t really understand how magnetism works. But I love my fridge (icebox!) magnets, and like to see others who collect them as well!

    • Thanks, Bill! I hadn’t really thought about the earth being a magnet. That’s weird, too. What still fascinates me about the earth is that we’re stuck on this big old ball hanging/floating in space.
      I love my refrigerator magnets too, as they just stick on and don’t do creepy things. haha 🙂

    • Thanks, Crystal! Glad you like these. I do have a whole lot of refrigerator magnets, which I like because they are cute and they don’t act creepy! The cat one is wooden. I found it at a craft store and put stick on magnets on the back. 🙂

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