Countdown to Christmas – Day # 3 – Tradition


Countdown to Christmas – Day # 3 – Tradition

Tourmaline .’s Countdown to Christmas – Tradition

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A favorite memory was when I was already grown up. Everyone came to my Mom & Dad’s house for Christmas snacks and fun. We all decided it would be fun to sing all the Christmas songs we could think of. So, several days before the get-together I typed up the words to the songs – enough for everyone to have a page. I used carbon paper to get all those copies! We sure enjoyed the singing that year.

Brown toy piano, sheet music, holly leaf, round ornament



Eat some festive snacks

Family traditions are fun

Sing some Christmas songs


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  1. On Christmas Eve each year, all the relatives would gather at our house. We’d sing carols, snack, and visit. Then, Santa would make an appearance. Of course it was just one of my uncles who would slip out and don a Santa suit to surprise us kids. Then on Christmas Day, everyone would come back for a wonderful Christmas dinner. These are great memories of my childhood Christmases!

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