Fibbing Friday – Halloweeny


Fibbing Friday – Halloweeny


This weekly challenge presents some questions that we are to give wrong answer to. It’s all in fun.

To join in this weekly challenge, and see other entries, just click the link below:


  1. What is a poltergeist? … A poltergeist is a type of tracking device to locate poultry called chickens.
  2. What supposedly happens if you look in the mirror and say, “Bloody Mary” three times? …  Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons cartoon will bring you a cocktail.
  3. What’s so unlucky about the number 13? … Nothing really – it’s a baker’s dozen so you actually get extra doughnuts!
  4. Why do banshees scream? … Banshees scream because they want ice cream.
  5. What happens to a vampire in daylight? … Modern vampires go to work and school just like everyone else. Their fangs only come out at night.
  6. A Nightmare on Elm Street wasn’t about a monster who could kill people in their dreams. What was it about? … Oh gosh – that was when the nasty bagworms made huge webs in the Elm trees here in town.
  7. Who did Norman Bates dress up as in the movie, Psycho? … He’d dress in his McDonald’s uniform for his job as Ronald the clown.
  8. The Amityville Horror wasn’t about a haunted house. What was it about? … It was the story of how house flippers and real estate people sell houses.
  9. What are the three witches doing at the beginning of MacBeth? … Performing at a Karaoke bar.
  10. What classic monster lives under the Paris Opera House?  … They may be small, but those termites are dangerous.


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