Bird Weekly – Birds With Black Feathers


Bird Weekly – Birds With Black Feathers

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Birds with Black Feathers


These are all Grackles. We have lots of them around here. The photos show two in the tree, and one on the porch.


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  1. You have the Great-tailed Grackles that we don’t have, but the photos look like the Common Crackle. We have those and the Boat-tailed Grackles here. Your Great-tailed ones have a very long and wider tail. Hard to tell from the angle of your pics. Watch for them and compare them to each other if you get both of them around your house. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lisa! I like how you can pick out different kinds. I just see some black birds I know are grackles. Some have bigger/longer tails than others, and I guess the females are not as black. 🙂

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