31 Days of Halloween – Horror


31 Days of Halloween – Horror

Tourmaline .’s Halloween Challenge – Horror

Today’s Halloween challenge is for horror. All I can think of is this horror novel. I love reading horror stories, and I like some horror movies, too, and this is both.


“The Ruins”, by Scott Smith, is a book I’ve read more than once, and I’ve seen the movie made of it, and it was good, too.

Starting out, we see the characters on a lovely vacation trip in Mexico. When one of their friends goes missing, they go look for him, which leads them deep into the jungle. They come upon some ancient Mayan ruins, and this is when their nightmare begins.

This book is so good, and yes scary! It sure makes you look at your garden plants in another way, after reading this book. The vines…omg…the vines!

If you like horror tales, check it out! But caution … it’s not for the squeamish!!!!


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    • Thanks, Priscilla! It’s always strange to see what you’ve imagined from reading a book be made into a movie. Usually I like the books better. This one is pretty cheesy, but most horror movies are, and I sure like them. 🙂


    • Thanks, Holly! I would say the book is better than the movie. Most times this is true, for me anyway. I like to form my own mind pictures of what’s happening, and what the characters look like, and all of that. Then the movie comes along and it’s never the same, but good in it’s own way. 🙂


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