October Squares – Kinda Fiery Hot Sun


October Squares – Kinda Fiery Hot Sun Squares Logo


The Hot Kind!


I took this photo of the bright sunrise last Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. It shows how bright fiery orange and white it was shining over the lake.

It may be fall, but here it is still hot weather. In fact tomorrow (Wednesday) we are supposed to set a record breaking high of about 100 degrees!


“Light My Fire” by the Doors


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  1. I always try to take a picture when I see a fiery orange sunset (or sunrise), but it never looks as brilliant as it does with my eyes. That one does look like something I can see from my city… the dumping of hot slag. It’ll make it look like daytime at midnight, and me and my sisters always got a kick out of seeing the sky light up when they “dumped the hot”…


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