October Squares – Kind – Kindness Rocks

October Squares – Kind – Kindness Rocks
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I’ve painted many rocks, called Kindness Rocks, and I leave them all around town for people to find. They are fun to paint and I hope whoever finds them gets a smile or a good feeling from them. I try to make them cute or funny, or just a word or two of something uplifting…such as ‘smile’, ‘hope’, ‘believe’, ‘yes’, ‘peace’, etc. I will also paint a butterfly, or ladybug, or tree, or flower, just anything simple and fun onto the rocks.



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2020 BS

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    • Thanks, Lauren! I hope whoever found the rocks I painted were happy to have them. Most times, they are documented to a group, and then passed on for someone else to find.
      This is one of their really good songs from way back. Glad you were able to use it in your speech class. 🙂

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