Fibbing Friday – Oh Oh October



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These weekly questions are meant to be fun and silly, by giving the wrong answer to them. Join in and also see other entries by clicking the above link.


  1. Why is October the tenth month rather than the eighth as its name implies? … Because October was invented by an Octopus, and he has ‘ten-tacles’ .

  1. Why is Halloween on October 31st? … Because it’s the time of year the seasons are changing and it might be the last nice day you have for a bar-be-que cookout = gotta get those weenies on the grill!

  1. What exactly is “Pumpkin Spice”? … This is an orangey shade of lipstick.

  1. How did the tradition of carving Jack-o’-lanterns start? … Well, gourds look kind of boring and plain without faces, so the jack-o-lantern was created.

  1. Why are they called “Jack-o’-lanterns”? … Because the name Peter Peter Pumpkin eater was already taken.

  1. Why is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) in April when National Poetry Day is October 3rd? … You can never have enough poetry.

  1. What’s the big deal about Columbus Day? … Because the clouds at this time of year are really poofy, so we celebrate the pretty cumulonimbus ones.

  1. Why do kids trick-or-treat on Halloween? … To get them ready for all the holiday sweets coming up at the end of the year. Practical sugar rushing.

  1. According to at least one Internet source, October 30th is National Candy Corn Day. Why? … To keep the crows from eating all the regular corn crop.

  1. What happens to all the candy corn that doesn’t get eaten? … Artists collect the left overs to make mixed media collages out of them.


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    • Thanks, Holly! That would be a fun art project, I think. I once saw online an artist that made portraits – beautiful ones- out of only different colored jelly beans. 🙂

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