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      • Squeeze the sides gently and they snap open, let go and they snap close – like a snapping dragon 🙂 But you have to get the right spot and squeeze gently. They also self-seed really easily – I planted some years ago and they come up every year, in different colours. So if you let them go to seed, you’ll probably never have to plant them again.

      • Oh, thanks so much for this interesting fact about the snapdragon flower! It makes them even more cool! I know my mom always had them in her flower beds, but I never knew about the snapping dragon thing. If I ever plant any more flowers, I’ll definitely get some of these. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sandee! Glad you like these, and I think we figured out what kind of buds they are – snapdragons! Now we’re waiting for the ‘rest of the story’ … what do snapdragons do? haha!
      Hope your day has been lovely! ❤

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