Fibbing Friday – The Blues


Fibbing Friday – The Blues 

These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

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Why is Royal Blood considered blue?  … Because they are reptilians who bleed blue blood.

2. What is a Blue Moon?  … A blue moon is a round, blueberry flavored lollipop.

3. What was the song ‘Blue is the Colour’ about? … Awww this is a song about a hound dog named Blue.

4. What is meant by blue collar? … It is the dog collar that the hound dog named Blue wore.

5. What is a blue bonnet? … This is a rare type of hot pepper – sort of like the Scotch Bonnet ones.

6. What did Little Boy Blue play? … He played Jack Be Nimble over the candlestick.

7. What changed from brown to blue according to the song? … From what I’ve observed – the chameleon lizard does this quite frequently.

8. Where will you find a Blue Nun? … You’ll most times find a blue nun on the children’s playground in Holland. She is the teacher’s helper.

9. Why mustn’t you step on his Blue Suede Shoes? … The people who wear blue suede shoes have legal permission to kick you – so beware!

10. What kind of bird has blue feet? … I’m pretty sure it’s the bird of Paradise. He can also fly up your nose.


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