Fibbing Friday – Calling All Cooks



  1. What exactly is Yorkshire pudding? … From what I’ve heard, it’s a British term meaning quicksand.


  1. What is treacle, and why do people make tarts out of it? … Well, I’ve seen a train treacle, which is a kind of railroad track bridge. Maybe they serve popover tarts in the dining car?

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  1. What is the key ingredient of haggis? … I’ve never eaten haggis, as I’m allergic to scrambled brains and eggs.


  1. How is toffee made? .. Yummy! Toffee is made just like coffee by pouring hot water over tree bark. But be sure to use only the sweet kind of bark.


  1. How did pound cake get its name? … It’s no secret, so I’ll tell you … Make a pound cake by hitting and pounding a red hot horse shoe with a hammer until it is flat as a pancake.


  1. Why is candy corn so named?  … Candy corn is called that because in the old days peddlers would sell corn on the cob on the street corners.


  1. What is marzipan?  … Marzipan is a tiny island country off the coast of Japan.


  1. Why is a baker’s dozen so named? … Baker’s dozen was the much decorated troop of soldiers who persevered under very difficult combat situations in WWII.


  1. What is meant by the idiom, “Too many cooks spoil the pot”?  … This means you shouldn’t cook dinner in the potty – that’s just nasty.


  1. What is meant by the idiom, “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”?  … This means it’s not a good idea to feed sausage to geese, or you’ll get a ‘loosey goosey’ pretty fast.

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