Fibbing Friday – Have You Heard


Fibbing Friday – Have You Heard

These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

Find out more at the link found below.


‘She had the biggest aspidistra in the world.’ But what is an aspidistra? … She won the Guinness Records for having the largest collection of apps on her computer and phone!

2. What is the main ingredient in Beef Wellington? … ummmm a bunch of well-fed cows?

3. Who was Tufty? … Tufty was a cartoon character used to promote a dish washing scrubber.

4. What is a Port Folio?  … This is where all the sailors gather after a sea journey to tell tall tales about their adventures. I believe lots of grog is involved.

5. What is a bootee?  … Oh, this is a fun tee shirt you wear at Halloween! It’s black & orange with a ghost and the word BOO!

6. What is meant by ‘You have been tangoed’?  … This means someone has played a banjo under your window.

7. What is a blue bottle? … Last I heard it referred to the insect known as a large blue fly.

8. How do you make shortbread? … You make shortbread just like regular bread, only use a smaller baking pan.

9. What colour is cotton candy? … Cotton candy is one of those magical sweets that when eaten becomes whatever flavor and color you desire.

10. What are cowslips and snap dragons?  … Well, cowslips are mishaps when the livestock slips and falls in the mud. Snap dragons are only used as a design in tattoos. In fact they are holograms on your skin depicting dragons who snap at passers-by.


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