Doves – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Collar


Doves – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Collar 

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 12/2020


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “collar.” Use it as a verb, a noun, or metaphorically. Bonus points for using it in all three ways! Enjoy!


Today for SOCS we are to work with the word ‘collar’ in whichever way we want to. Thanks, Linda!

To join in, and see other entries, just click the above link. 🙂


First think I think of is dog collars. Our dogs had some, and I guess they didn’t mind wearing them. Actually the only time they did wear them was when we took them on a walk with the collar and leash. They’d get excited about that.

Our cats though, never liked a collar around their necks. They had some cute ones, but when we’d try to get them into it, they’d throw a huge hissy fit. They were inside cats anyway, so didn’t really need a collar on in here.

We did have a little halter and leash for the cats though, and we’d take them out sometimes using that. They loved it once we got it on them. It wasn’t easy, but they liked going out once in awhile.

For myself, I hate shirts with collars. I never ever wear these kind. I feel like I’m choking if I try a collared shirt. I have to have scoop neck, square neck, or vee neck shirts and sweaters. Even with a regular neck tee shirt I can’t stand the feeling of being choked.

Ooh just thought of something. We have lots of doves outside all the time. Lots of them are the Eurasian Collared Doves. Sorry doves, that you have to wear your collar all the time. It’s okay, though, as it’s not a real collar, just the pattern of your feathers at your neck. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks, Janet! Good to know I’m not the only one to cut off the parts of clothes I don’t like! I’ve cut off collars and tee shirt rims and sleeves of other tops, too. hee hee 🙂

    • Thanks, JoAnna! Glad you like the doves. We have more of these birds than any other around here.
      Yes, the cats did get used to the little halter. Looked cute, and we didn’t want our normally inside cats possibly getting spooked and running off. 🙂

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