Bird Weekly – Domesticated Birds


Bird Weekly – Domesticated Birds 

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Domesticated Birds


First photo is really old. It’s the green and yellow parakeet we had named Igor. He was a cool bird, who could say a few words – his name, and pretty bird. Here he is sitting on top of large wine bottle that has different colored melted candle wax running down the sides.

This little blue parakeet we saw in the pet store here.

This is a poster/sign at the pet store of a green & yellow parakeet. The caption says, “Will Chirp for seed”.

This is a really pretty red orange colored canary at the pet store.

This is a bronze colored chicken that my cousin had on his farm one year.


These are a couple of big turkeys at my cousin’s farm.


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  1. Well you nailed the domesticated birds this week! That blue canary is beautiful! I love that you added the turkeys. These can be wild or domestic since we feast on them during the holidays. I bet Igor was a cool bird! 💜

    • Thanks so much, Lisa! I love little parakeets. We’ve had several over the years, but then we got cats, and couldn’t have birds any more. Didn’t want to chance a disaster! Yes, Igor was a really sweet bird and we had him for quite a few years. 🙂

  2. That little blue parakeet is a Budgerigar, an Australian Native Bird. The wild ones are green and yellow. Breeders have changed their colours to many different colours now-a-days. Blue is quite popular (green + yellow)

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