Short Story – Stephanie’s Diary


Short Story – Stephanie’s Diary

This is another short story I wrote way back in 1985. It was for an assignment in a writing course I was taking. I’d send in the ‘homework’ and it would be edited with helpful tips by the teacher. I went through the whole course, and got my diploma.

This story she wrote in red ink that it was excellent. There were a few corrections, which I fixed. I don’t know how excellent the story is, but it was fun to write.


Dear Diary …

Now, what am I supposed to write about? Mama gave me this little blue book with a lock on it and a tiny gold key, and said I could write about thins that happened to me every day. She called it a ‘Diary’.

I don’t know if I can even spell it. Let’s see … d a i r y, d e r r y, d i a r y. None of them look right. Oh, stupid me, here it is on the front of the book. Yeah, it’s d i a r y. Well, I still don’t know what to write. Seems kind dumb to me. I don’t want to write what happened today. I’ll remember probably forever!

Today was such a dumb day. First, I couldn’t find my tennis shoes, then when I finally did find them they had mud on them. Mama yelled at me,”Scrape it off in the trash can, not the floor!” Boy, she yells at me for nothing. I was gonna clean it up. I might have waited till after school and after cartoons, but I’d clean it up.

Well, I got to school and the teacher asked for homework papers. I forgot to do that dumb old math. She made me feel like an idiot in front of all my friends – in front of Frankie! Oh! He’ll never like me again. He probably likes Roxanne better now. She had her homework all ready to turn in. And she’s not even as cute as I am. Well, I was so embarrassed I cried. Teacher didn’t have to yell at me. I may not go back to school ever again.

Well, Frankie sat by me at lunch and he said he thought she was the meanest teacher he’d ever had too. That made me feel better. He’s such a hunk! Those gorgeous brown eyes. I never told anyone, but he kissed me once. I thought I was gonna faint, but instead I acted so dumb. I started giggling and couldn’t stop. Then Frankie started laughing too, so it was ok.

Mama says ‘tone it down, tone it down’ when I laugh. I can’t help how I laugh. She says it sounds too loud, like a horse whinnying. Well, somebody out to tell her that she laughs the very same way. Because she does. I guess I get it from her. But no – nobody’s gonna say that to her. Only little kids get fussed at for dumb stuff all the time. Let’s see …

I went over to Kelly’s house after school. She said she had a new Barbie doll to show me. She still plays with dolls – all the time! I don’t like ’em very much anymore. I must be more grown up than she is. ha ha ha!

I told her Frankie was my boyfriend, and she just looked at me like I was too dumb for words. She thinks boys are gross. I tole her she’ll change her mind one of these days when she’s as old as I am. She’s only eight, and I’m already eight and a half. Well, after we tried on my new ‘Pink Passion’ lip gloss and looked at her new doll, I had to come home.

Oh no, Mama just hollered at me to hurry up and go to bed. I’m not even tired yet. Maybe tomorrow won’t be so dumb and I can write something good in here.


Your friend,



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    • Thanks! I know I started a lot of them, and only kept one (which I’ve posted it all on here). Wish I’d kept the others. Same goes for journals. I start them, then never get back to them. 🙂

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