I thought I saw a UFO last night.

Well, it probably was just a helicopter, but I like saying it was a UFO because I really couldn’t identify this flying object.

I’ve seen helicopters flying around and this was kind of different. I know these photos are just bright blobs in a dark sky, but I watched it for a little while, and it didn’t act like a helicopter – you know, like it was going somewhere. Because this one didn’t really go anywhere.

I was just about to turn out the kitchen lights, when I saw out the window this bright light. It was pretty far off so I couldn’t really tell what it was. It was below the tree in our neighbor’s back yard at first, then it slowly rose up above the tree. It never got closer or farther away. There was no noise like a helicopter either. Then it went real fast straight up way above the tree. Then it went back down and then blinked out. It was just gone. Strange …

I even told my husband – hey, I think I saw a UFO, and told him what I saw, and showed him the photos. He said it was probably a helicopter. I said yeah probably, but I’m going to say it was a UFO. Then that was it.


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  1. Barbara, sounds like you got a good look at how it was moving. I’ve seen objects in the sky that seem to move in ways that aren’t like any aircraft I’ve seen. Could it have been a drone? I had lunch with my son a couple of weeks ago and we were sitting outside. I was looking up at seagulls flying around until my eye saw a “gull” that wasn’t flying right. A closer look revealed it was a drone! I gave it the finger until it flew away. It was high enough that I couldn’t hear it. Son said drones are very loud but not if they are far enough away.

    • Thanks, LI!
      I’m always looking up in the sky, night or day, just in case something strange is there. I hadn’t even thought of a drone, though. I’ve never seen one, but that’s a good explanation. Do they have a light on them? I’m going to look again tonight in case it comes back. haha – your drone experience – this is not a gull. 🙂

      • This one was out on a sunny day so couldn’t tell if it had a light on it or the sun shining on it. I know it freaked me out when I realized it wasn’t another gull!

      • I suppose it will be an unexpected sighting! Your post reminded me of a children’s book called the “Chicken Squad” and they think something in their yard is a UFO plane, but after all the trouble to investigate it, they discover it was the round grill. My kids thought it was a hilarious surprise.
        Have a great weekend!

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