Fibbing Friday – Goofy Groups


Fibbing Friday- Goofy Groups


These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

Find out more at the link found below.


Di says: This week, I’m going to give you ten collective nouns and ask you to what/who they refer.


1. Aurora
2. Argument
3. Blessing
4. Smack
5. Embarrassment
6. Prickle
7. Bloat
8. Coalition
9. Barrel
10. Zeal


A collective noun is a word that is used for a whole group of things. Most times they sound funny to me – like  ‘a gaggle of geese’, or ‘a murder of crows’.  So we’re supposed to think up funnies for these on this week’s word list. 🙂

Here are mine:

1. An aurora of nurses. (note – I actually did have a nurse one time whose name was Aurora)

An aurora of nurses gathered around the patient in the emergency room to give comfort while treating him.

2. An argument of monkeys.

In the tree-tops an argument of chimpanzees were debating the merits of one banana over another kind.

3. A blessing of bandicoots.

The blessing of bandicoots traveled through the Australian brush in search of food. Click to view

4. A smack of eating contest participants.

There was a smack of contest entries, all wanting to win the title of fastest eater.

5. An embarrassment of chameleons.

All the embarrassment of chameleons turned red when they climbed onto the wagon left in the garden

6. A prickle of spiny anteaters

To keep safe, the prickle of spiny anteaters practiced social distancing lest their spines would stick each other. Click to view

7. A bloat of goats.

The farmer kept a bloat of goats to keep the grass and weeds cut down by them eating it all up. Click to view

8. A coalition of conga dancers.

The country’s coalition of conga dancers won a trip to the World Conga Conference to perform.

9. A barrel of crackers.

Crackers never do come single squares at a time…they are always enclosed in a barrel.

10. A zeal of seals.

The funny zeal of seals loved chasing each other around in the ocean waves. Click to view


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