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This week for SYW, Melanie has shared another blogger’s questions, added on to the usual questions of Monday. Thanks Melanie, and Roger… To join in and to see other entries just click the above link. 🙂


These first questions have something to do with the ‘Harry Potter’ books and movies. Sounds interesting, even though I’ve never read any of the books, and have only see bits and pieces of the first movie.

Anyway, here are the Qs and As …



This week the book OR the movie is “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone”

Share Your World Meets Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

  1. Because of the state-wide quarantines many of the local SPCA’s are having an influx of animals. You have decided that you would love to have a new pet. Would you go the normal wizardry route and pick an owl, a cat, or a toad? Or would you become a more eccentric wizard (like Hagrid, the games keeper) and seek out a three-headed dog, a dragon, or a unicorn? Please explain your answer.

I would love to have a cat or dog. Just regular ones, not magical. I’ve had both, and they are magical all on their own, as they are sweet, soft, cute, funny, they listen with their heart, and give love and are wonderful companions.

  1. Neville Longbottom was gifted a Remembrall. This was a glass ball that would assist you in maintaining memories of things that you often forget. What would you want your Remembrall to help you remember?

This Remembrall thing sounds pretty cool. For years I’ve wished I’d kept a list from the very first book I ever read, up to the present time. This ball thing would give me the ability to remember each and every book I ever read.

  1. Professor Dumbledore gave Harry Potter an invisibility cloak that Dumbledore said was from Harry’s father. Now, you have inherited a cloak with similar powers. Would you use it? When?

Would I like a cloak to make me invisible whenever I wanted? Sure, but then I already can be invisible whenever I want to – I am a Ghost!

  1. While cleaning your attic, you have discovered the Mirror of Erised. (“Erised” is “desire” spelled backwards, as if reflected in a mirror) The Mirror of Erised is a magical mirror, which, according to Professor Dumbledore, when you gaze into it, it shows the “deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts.” You have chosen to look in the mirror. What do you see?

I think I’d take a pass on just seeing into the mirror unless it could magically make it come true. In that case I’d see peace in the world between everyone, and the end to illness and accidents.

Please have a bit of fun with the answers.   Even if you aren’t a Potter fan, the questions are (to me anyway) fun ones which could be answered ‘outside of Harry Potter’s world’.   Imagination might be required though.   🙂

“Plain” Questions:

Would You Rather Live 120 Years That Are Comfortable But Boring, Or Live Half As Long, But Have An Exciting Adventure Packed Life?

I think 120 comfortable years would be best for me. I’m not up for exciting adventures.

What’s Something That Overwhelms You?

The state of the world right now.

What Do or DID You Take For Granted?

I’d say everything and nothing.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Thanks for enjoying the Potter questions. I think a Rememberance of every book read would be great. However, I can now read boks from my high school and college years, as if I have never read many of them before?

    Stay safe.

    • Thanks for the extra questions this time for SYW, Roger! These were interesting and fun to respond to. haha I know what you mean with books. I re-read lots of mine and yes, they sometimes seem to be brand new, because I’ve forgotten most of it. 🙂

  2. Thanks Barbara for playing along and having fun with the answers! Thank you for Sharing Your World with us! I agree with the overwhelming feelings one might get when one considers the state of the world right now. It’s good to try to find a little joy every day, isn’t it? Thank you again for participating! 🙂

    • Thanks, Melanie! These were fun questions, and Roger’s extra Potter ones were fun, even though I’ve not read the books. It’s kind of impossible to not know something about the series and movies, though.
      We sure do need some joy right now. I try not to listen to much news anymore, as it just boggles the mind at some of the things we hear. 🙂

  3. I got a book diary a couple years ago. In it I put every book I own at the moment, and when I finish a book, add it to the list. Right now I’m reading WICKED … and have been “reading” it for over a year now. One would think with the lock down, I would have more time to read. But I don’t 😦
    Enjoyed reading your answers!

    • Thanks, Holly!
      A book diary sounds super. I should have done it years ago, and I’m sure the number would be in the thousands by now! haha 🙂
      At first when this pandemic started I couldn’t concentrate on reading much, but I started reading some old favorite books,and now have gone through quite a few. It helps to pass the time, and take my mind off the bad stuff happening. 🙂

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