Fibbing Friday – What’s That Word?


Fibbing Friday – What’s That Word?


These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

Find out more at the link found below.


For Fibbing Friday this time, we have ten more words we are to make up definitions for.


  1. kinetoscope
  2. lugubrious
  3. maudlin
  4. numismatics
  5. opulence
  6. prepubescence
  7. quixotic
  8. recumbent
  9. stereoscope
  10. turgid


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1. Kinetoscope = This is a fun game invented by bored servicemen on submarines. While not on duty, they play kinetoscope by connecting the dots of islands that they see through the periscope.

2. lugubrious = This is a seriously disgusting habit of spitting up a loogie onto the street.

3. maudlin = An old TV show, starring a woman named Maude Lin, “Here Comes Maude”.

4. numismatics = This is a breathing disorder, and can be corrected by using an inhaler of medicine when needed.

5. opulence = A brand of contact lenses that give a person x-ray vision at night.

6. prepubescence = The ‘soft’ opening of a new Pub before the ‘grand opening’ day.

7. quixotic = This is the crazy pink rabbit who is the spokes-man …spokes – animal? for a strawberry flavoring for milk.

8. recumbent = This word describes those genus of ‘lazy flowers’ who grow sideways instead of straight up.

9. stereoscope = A protein shake that contains steroids, plus mood elevators to help you cope.

10. turgid = A potato that has grown soft and mushy and sprouts those weird worm-like eyes.


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