August Writing Prompts # 2 – Delights & Deliciousness


August Writing Prompts # 2 – Delights & Deliciousness 

August writing prompts



Yesterday we had the roofing people at our house. It was 9 hours of banging and stomping around up on the roof. But we needed  a new roof. We’d never had it replaced since we moved in over 20 years ago, and the last big storm that came through blew off a lot of shingles. It was time.

They did a good job … started in at 7:45 in the morning, and finished by 4:30 in the afternoon.

We looked out one time and saw this mobile food truck parked in front of the house. It was a big red one, and the sign said ‘Raider Burritos’. I guess the roofing people had called it to come by for when they were taking their break. They all ran over to buy tacos and burritos.

One of the guys came up to us in the garage, and gave us both a full plate. I guess they bought it for us. Wow! How nice! We had these street tacos, two different kinds on tortillas, with onions, cilantro, and hot sauce on the side. They were so good! Wish this truck came by every day! 🙂


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      • I used to make them, my version at least, and everybody loved them, but alas, I can’t manage them one-handed. We have one place, about 20 miles away, a mall food stall, who specialise in out version of Mexican, so it is a blue moon treat now.
        In any case my favourite filling was chicken/chorizo and I hardly eat meat now.

      • The chicken/chorizo burrito sounds really good. Sorry the place is kind of far from you. We have Mexican restaurants practically on every corner around here, and of course we have our favorites. But otherwise we make our own at home, which is just as good. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kelly! We sure did need a new roof. They were fast at it and did a good job. heh heh wish that burrito/taco truck would come back every day! Love Mexican food, and tonight we’re having tamales. ❤

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