Bird Weekly – At the Feeder


Bird Weekly – At the Feeder

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Birds at the Feeder


This is one of the bird feeders in our back yard. Here are doves, sparrows, and a reddish finch.



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  1. Oohhh, you have the Eurasian Collared Dove. It’s here but not often. Your finch looks like a house finch. We have those too but I couldn’t find any of my photos on them. Nice action shot. 😊

    • Thanks, Lisa! Yes, the Eurasian Collared Dove. We have lots of these birds here, big flocks of them. I love seeing them. I think we have more doves than anything, these kind, and also the white winged dove, the mourning dove, and inca doves. We have mostly the doves and grackles, and they really outnumber the sparrows. 🙂

      • Wow! Haven’t seen an Inca in 3 years out in Vegas. White winged are a hit or miss. We have the mourning & common doves here. You have the great tailed grackle out there & we have the boat tailed grackle here. Yours has a longer tail seems like. 😊

      • We used to see more of the Inca doves, but not as much now. There is always some birds talking about something around here, grackles screeching and doves cooing. 🙂

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