More Funny & Found Diary


More Funny & Found Diary


Continuing with the writing in a kid’s diary that I found at a yard sale …


The diary cover is a blue background with white dragonflies.

The next entries are:

  1. Ryan got me in ??? Good by
  2. I love Riley. Good by
  3. I had the awfullest vacation because my cousin is not played with me. All she wants to do is fix her and my hair. Good by
  4. And this is the bestest part. I got a ring and a ??? necklace. My uncle and my aunt gave me the necklace and my mom gave me my ring. Good by
  5. Ryan got a spanking and it was funny
  6. Tomorrow is the ❤ big show


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2020 BS

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