Weeeird Dreeeam


Weeeird Dreeeam


This happened probably in 2015 …

I had a maybe premonition of something bad happening in the little town of Seguin TX.

I was telling someone how to pronounce the name of the town … Se-gheen? Sequin? Saw-geen? Sah-gwin?

Anyway, I was in real life or maybe still the dream, telling about the dream to whoever it was sitting by me at the I-Hop restaurant.




Mascara running

The people at the next table were laughing, too, because they had overheard my story, and saw me having a laughing fit. Then their reaction/expressions to my ‘I had a dream’ statement got me laughing more, and I couldn’t continue.

Now, just out of the blue I had this strange premonition about the town – why? Some kind of fortune telling? Something else?

I don’t know. I’ve never been to that town, I don’t know anyone who lives in that town, I have never read anything or heard anything about that town, nor ever heard any news about that town before.

But later, I did for quite awhile keep looking online for any strange happenings being reported about that town.

Never heard a thing. Huh!

Weirdness …


Photo above is my attempt at the full moon on July 4th.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Very weird indeed. I’ve actually had an experience like this. Going some place I ‘ve never been to then I start seeing familiar places and activities feeling like they are relived in a different parallel time.

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