Fibbing Friday – Q & A Melange


Fibbing Friday – Q & A Mélange

These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

Find out more at the link found below.


  1. Who sang the song, “Dust in the Wind”? … The Wizard of Oz was known to sing the Dust in the Wind song a time or two, when he wanted to rustle up a tornado.


  1. Finish the lyric: If you’re blue, and you don’t know where to go to, why don’t you go… … Why don’t you go to a paint store to get some more colors.


  1. Why is a two-wheel hand truck sometimes called a dolly? … Those little rolling contraptions were to haul around the cloned sheep – all named Dolly.


  1. The movie, Office Space wasn’t about office workers rebelling against their terrible boss. What was it about? … Office Space should have been called ‘Lice in Space’, because they had to evacuate the building to let the exterminators fumigate.


  1. What is gasoline more commonly called in the U.K.? … Gasoline has a funny word in the U.K. which is ‘push-o-line’ because the fuel pushes the vehicle forward.


  1. What is gasoline more commonly called to in the U.S.?  … In the U.S gasoline is known commonly as ‘go-juice’, because when you use it you can go places.


  1. Why did Elon Musk launch a car into space?  … I’m thinking he launched a car into space because his art project ‘Cadillac Ranch’ in Texas needed a boost.


  1. Robin Hood didn’t rob from the rich and give to the poor. What did he do?  … Robin Hood was a cool bird who visited bird feeders, eating all he could every day.


  1. What was Murder on the Orient Express really about?  … I heard that the train company employed lots of cats to catch the infestation of mice = murder you know.


  1. What was the last song ever recorded by the Beatles? … Oh, that’s an easy one! It was ’99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall’.


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